Bridging the recruitment gap. Our latest research into the local employment market

Throughout 2022, Talent Glue has been working in partnership with Cambridge Network and Recrion to look at recruitment and retention in a hybrid workplace. We have run focus groups and surveys with recruiters, workers, and job candidates in the Cambridgeshire region to understand their current experiences of the recruitment market. In this report, Bridging the Recruitment Gap, we offer some recommendations on how recruiters and workers can respond to the changing workplace in our current hybrid, high inflation environment.

Many of the people involved in our research have come from organisations in key local industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, professional services, engineering, and technology.   

Our report explores what we have been observing.  If you are facing any challenges around recruitment and retention in a hybrid workplace currently, we have included some questions in each section of this report to help you reflect on each stage of the recruitment process. Wherever in the process you are personally involved in recruitment, our research recommends that you:

  • make it human
  • make it lean
  • make it social
Bridging the recruitment gap

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