Genius new way of offering careers advice

Perhaps this will change the way we attract children into different careers – Kidzania above the Westfield Centre in London’s Shepherds Bush.

In a mini-world, children up to 14 years old get the chance to pretend they are working in all sorts of jobs and have to deal with a really tough audience – other kids. Parents are seeing this as a great way to encourage their children to explore what they really enjoy doing.  At the age when they start to make choices around what subjects/qualifications they might study at later stages of school, children are getting the chance to trial the job.  Schools careers advisers please take note.

All sorts of businesses are starting to see the benefit to lending their brand to this mini-world.  This is certainly a quirky and smart way for big businesses to start building their future talent pipeline.

I can’t help but think that there could also be a version for adults.  What a way to transform the outplacement/career advice industry!