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L&D: Disrupt or be disrupted

This month, the CIPD have been reporting on some latest research with 7,500 L&D professionals and how many feel overwhelmed by a disruptive tsunami of change in the way people engage with learning.  Their internal customers were also surveyed and felt L&D were maximising potential opportunities that

“Don’t be helpful” says the CIPD… really?!

It seems counter-intuitive advice to me as someone who believes positive relationships are the way to do business. But there is some curious research reported in People Management magazine this week, see here, that suggests its best simply to not to

Glassdoor reviews: Hotel managers offer tips from grappling with Tripadvisor

Glassdoor has landed in our industry with a stealth like bump.  Talking to some Resourcing professionals about it and ears prick up about this ‘new site’ that isn’t even on their radar.  If you have checked your organisation’s reviews and actively encourage them

Great Gender pay gap report – John Lewis

Love the John Lewis report on its gender pay gap. They have clearly looked at and explained the numbers so clearly that any audience can understand the merits and limits of the methodology currently employed to understand the gender pay

Avoid getting walloped by gender pay gap reporting

Although fundamentally well intentioned, the Government’s requirement for employers of more than 250 employees to start reporting staff pay in 2017 could have an unfair impact on the reputation of many employers.

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Do strong leaders make good decisions?

We all admire a strong leader. They help people feel they can move mountains when faced with the impossible. As with all personality types though, great strengths are always combined with a downside. So are those with the big personalities

Do you have a ‘corporate psychopath’ in your midst?

Like 100 other people, I attended a talk yesterday evening by Prof Clive Boddy from Middlesex University.  He shared his research into who can be considered a ‘corporate psychopath’ (CP) and why they can do serious damage to an organisation

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Are you a tiger or meerkat? How the changing economy has affected your career prospects

The changing economy has created winners and losers when it comes to current career prospects.  Some workers have had access to great opportunities emerging from organisational change. Others have faced a very different world with unstable career prospects. Over the

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The value of plants in your office

Our recent research around workplace wellbeing looked at a variety of factors that influence whether people feel they can maintain their wellbeing.  These included individual, job, environmental and cultural factors.  One aspect of our study looked at the impact of

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Wellbeing creates 40% improvement in engagement

Workers who feel they can maintain their wellbeing at work are a whooping 40% more likely to feel engaged than other workers.  Our recent workplace wellbeing research found that 66% of people who felt they could maintain their wellbeing were