Have ‘wicked’ people problems?

As a Business Psychologist, I love to help solve people problems – the messy ones. They are almost invariably complex or ‘wicked’ in some way: those with competing tensions, lots of spaghetti threads and require layers of fixing. How do you know if the grievance that has been raised is caused by one tricky relationship or whether there is something more systemic going on under the surface in your management team?

If I’m working with a client, the place we commonly start is by running some form of diagnostic assessment. To work out what’s currently happening, I design the assessment to fit the culture of that workplace. We explore their unique context and issues. The tools are based on solid research around good people practices combined with exploring the organisation’s special quirks. And the quirks matter. They are the things that make the organisation special – to stand out in the market and to motivate it’s employees.

Are you driven to work for an organisation that is ‘acceptable at lots of things’ or do you prefer to work for one that is really special in such a way that you forgive a few underwhelming parts of the deal? And when you know what really matters to people, it becomes easier to find a route through to help fix that ‘wicked’ people problem. That’s how I can help.

You can see some of our assessment tools here.

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