How did I get into the world of Business Psychology?

I must admit, I wanted to be Cracker (the antiheroic criminal psychologist) instead when I was younger. For the Gen Yer and Gen Zers out there, think Hagrid mixed with Sherlock and you’re weirdly spot on. All until I lay awake at 3am one night with the realisation that I wasn’t very good with a) blood, b) dead bodies, and c) being awake at 3am. I had spent time the previous day with a forensic pathologist.

At the time, Steven Lawrence and Hillborough were both making a deep impact on policing culture. I was excited to bag a job as a psychologist in Police HR. Business Psychology wasn’t even a thing back then. Subsequently, I found myself working hard and long with board room clients on their employer reputation, culture, capabilities, employee retention and team dynamics. I studied business, HR strategy, org behaviour. In the midst of it all, I emerged as a Business Psychologist – helping employers to be great by helping their people be their brilliant selves. I love what I do.

And I’d love to know stories of how you landed in your career now. It’s such weird time for kids going through messy times with their exams, its good for them to know that careers emerge in wildly organic ways!