Why the future of leadership is teams?

As a result of remote working, people’s expectations of work and the workplace have changed. People look to be more involved, have more say in their team activities. There is power in teams. They see merit in using their time together to greater effect in a hybrid environment.  People’s expectations of being heard in the workplace has changed. These times demand more questioning and listening together than telling or coaching one-to-one.

We have been talking with a number of C-suite leaders recently about their leadership development following recent changes in the workplace. They see a shift in focus to working on the interdependence between people.   More are looking to focus their personal development activities on enabling their team to work better together.  To achieve this, the locus of development is as a team – not as an individual – with shared development objectives. The learning for the leader, and all, emerges as the team discusses and makes sense together.  How can a leader develop the collaborative skills needed today if they are learning outside the context of their opinionated, vocal team?

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