Diagnosing employee problems with social network mapping

Recent research has again demonstrated the benefit of combining an employee survey with a social networking mapping tool to diagnose engagement issues in an organisation. This methodology offers insight into the interactions and collaboration within the workforce.

Social network mapping looks at information sharing, the nature of connections and workflow to identify the most connected employees.  For example, the relationship between the manager and their employees in terms of feedback, problem solving and learning. See my own published paper on the uses of social network mapping.

The latest research shows that those more connected in the organisation were seen by other as being able to make things happen. Implications of the study indicate the perceived visibility that an individual has of their impact within the organisation and the value of collaboration in driving further citizenship behaviours. The researchers argue that employee engagement indices should include an appropriate measure of citizenship behaviour to more accurately reflect the benefit of having engaged employees.

The research was published in December’s edition of the Consulting Psychology Journal by Cowardin-Lee & Soyalp.